Only Believe, the Gates of Hell Shall not Prevail!

February-March 2019 Prayer-A-Thon
I Sought For A Man

January 2019
Satanic Rage Against My Life Backfire

December 2018
In the Lord’s Favor is Life

November 2018
O Magnify the Lord with Me

October 2018 Prayer-A-Thon
Shall No Man be Able to Stand Before Thee

September 2018
Visit me with thy Salvation

August 2018
O Lord, Give me a Burden for your Glory

July 2018 Prayer-A- Thon
O Lord, Evil Meant for Us, Turn It for Good

June 2018
O Lord, Create in me a Clean Heart

May 2018
Lord God, Renew my Mind

April 2018
Lord God, enable me to Pause and Pray

February-March 2018 Prayer-A-Thon
For I am the Lord, I change not

January 2018
In Righteousness Shalt Thou Be Established

Fasting and Prayers 2016


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Fasting and Prayers 2017


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  1. First and foremost this is a wonderful website to have such detailed and I believe rich information for people looking for the true WORD of God. Secondly, I like the Fasting and Prayer section, because one can actually print out the bulletins, which never expire, and fast and pray individually or corporately with a focus and a purpose. Third and finally, I like how easy and user friendly all the buttons are along with interesting graphics and colors of the website being inviting to witness by any website visitor. Overall I’d rate this website as “E” for “EXCELLENT.”

  2. I thank God for allowing me to be part of the women’s prayer line of Mount Zion Remnant Fellowship over the last 2 years. I have really grown and it has strengthened me in my life as a Christian.

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