Fasting and Prayers 2016

January 2016
MZRF Covenant Renewal Fasting

February 2016
O Lord, Here Am I; Send Me

March 2016 Prayer-A-Thon
Be Zealous and Repent

April 2016
O Lord, Hide Me From the Counsel of the Wicked

May 2016
O Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?!!

June 2016
O Lord, Perserve My Heart from Perverse Purposes and Desires

July 2016 Prayer-A-Thon
O Lord, Correct Us, But not in Thine Anger

August 2016
O Lord, Save the Lost Sheep and Backsliders of My Family

September 2016
O Lord, Help Thou Mine Unbelief

October 2016 Prayer-A-Thon
Let Our Light So Shine

November 2016
O Lord, Purge Me from the Sin of Ingratitude