Fasting and Prayers 2020

Hunger and Thirst for Enduring Divine Encounter with God

February-March 2020 Prayer-A-Thon
Prepare to Meet thy God

April 2020
Be ye Sober, and Watch unto Prayer

May 2020
Endure Hardness, as a Good Soldier of Christ

June-July 2020
Prayer-A-Thon Calendar

June-July 2020 Prayer-A-Thon
Launch out into the Deep

August 2020
O Lord, Give unto Me the Spirit of Revelation

September-October 2020
Prayer-A-Thon Calendar

September-October 2020 Prayer-A-Thon
Turn Again our Captivity, O Lord

November 2020

December 2020
Let Us Pass Over unto The Other Side


Fasting and Prayers 2019

January 2019
Satanic Rage Against My Life Backfire

February-March 2019 Prayer-A-Thon
I Sought For A Man

April 2019
Oh Lord, Deliver Me from All My Fears

May 2019
They That are Christ’s Have Crucified the Flesh

June 2019
Blessed are the Pure in Heart

July 2019 Prayer-A-Thon
The Need for Compelling Annointing

August 2019
O Lord, let me not fall into the hand of man

September – October 2019 Prayer-A-Thon
The Lord, Hear and Defend Thee in the Day of Trouble

December 30, 2019 – January 6, 2020 MZRF End of Year-New Year Fasting,
Happy Shalt Thou be, and it Shall be Well with Thee


Fasting and Prayers 2018

January 2018
In Righteousness Shalt Thou Be Established

February-March 2018 Prayer-A-Thon
For I am the Lord, I change not

April 2018
Lord God, enable me to Pause and Pray

May 2018
Lord God, Renew my Mind

June 2018
O Lord, Create in me a Clean Heart

July 2018 Prayer-A- Thon
O Lord, Evil Meant for Us, Turn It for Good

August 2018
O Lord, Give me a Burden for your Glory

September 2018
Visit me with thy Salvation

October 2018 Prayer-A-Thon
Shall No Man be Able to Stand Before Thee

November 2018
O Magnify the Lord with Me

December 2018
In the Lord’s Favor is Life


Fasting and Prayers 2017

February 2017
My Heart-cry, “That I May Know Him”!!

March 2017 Prayer-A-Thon
O Lord of Harvest, Send forth Laborers

April 2017 Spring Bible Study
Dreams and Visions Unveiled

April 2017
Lord God, Take Charge of my Vision and Dream Life

May 2017
Lord, I Pray Thee, Open Thou My Eyes

June 2017
O Lord, Create in me a Clean Heart

July 2017 Prayer-A-Thon Revival
Acquire the Fire!

August 2017
O Lord, Give Me Mastery Over Impatience

September 2017
O Lord, Arise and Roll Away My Reproach

October 2017 Prayer-A-Thon
Lord, Give Me That Old Time Religion

November 2017
O Lord, Create in Me A Pure Heart of Gratitude

December 2017
O Lord, Bring me out of Obscurity to Glory


Fasting and Prayers 2016

January 2016
MZRF Covenant Renewal Fasting

February 2016
O Lord, Here Am I; Send Me

March 2016 Prayer-A-Thon
Be Zealous and Repent

April 2016
O Lord, Hide Me From the Counsel of the Wicked

May 2016
O Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?!!

June 2016
O Lord, Perserve My Heart from Perverse Purposes and Desires

July 2016 Prayer-A-Thon
O Lord, Correct Us, But not in Thine Anger

August 2016
O Lord, Save the Lost Sheep and Backsliders of My Family

September 2016
O Lord, Help Thou Mine Unbelief

October 2016 Prayer-A-Thon
Let Our Light So Shine

November 2016
O Lord, Purge Me from the Sin of Ingratitude


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